another funny lady

2 Apr

anna faris:

i love this woman and i often think she is not seen for how funny she really is because of all those blond locks.  so here are a few pics that i found, where she looks super hot and is a brunette (just how i like ’em)annafarris

afarisopengobut she’s funny and i mean really, she’s funny.  i’m not saying she has been in the best movies.  okay i’m actually going to say she has been in some of the worst movies, but that is not her fault because the woman is a comedic genius.  watch her and note how well she does physical comedy, how well she makes fun of herself and never, ever in a self depreciating, despicable way. this is how you might often remember her: god her face is so funny in that bottom shot.annafaris143there is this scene from Hot Chick, that i love, oh so much.  she is at the prom with rob schneider (who is really her best friend jessica trapped in rob schneider’s body) and she essentially professes her love for jessica, indicating that maybe this twist of fate- jessica becoming a man- was meant to be, so that they could be together.  it is a touching moment that i believe many a girl has had with her girlfriends- wishing, hoping, wanting and sadly…not getting. this is what she said in an interview with

Though many dismiss it as body-switching teen fluff, couldn’t 2002’s The Hot Chick actually be a cleverly disguised celebration of transgenderism?
I love that you asked me that. My parents and I were just talking about that. I don’t think anything about The Hot Chick should be overanalyzed, but I do think that it was about a girl’s love for her best friend, and the lines get blurred there sexually. I think that’s something that everyone sort of experiences, especially young women.

anna i’ll keep hoping.

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