4 Apr

let’s be honest- i love my sister. and also sometimes not, but most of the time.  and i sure love a sisters movie- oh yes i do more then any other genre (because sister movies is a genre and i can provide a list) or a movie about really close girlfriends (more on that later).  so tonight i was by myself, my plans had fallen through, so i decided to put on a bra and head on out to the city on my own! well…really just to the movies.  this is what i saw:sunshine-cleaning-poster2

and i loved it so very much. it’s about sisters. and being a sister is oftentimes a complex, weird sort of relationship and for me the reason for this is simply because i am so much like my sister in so many ways.  we literally grew up together.  she talks the same as me, we have the same nose, we love the same books and movies. and then we are so different. she is married…to a man, she has a baby (whom i adore), she has NO freckles, she goes to church and really doesn’t share my affinity for beagles.  i love our relationship because i feel like it’s always changing in some ways and yet it will ALWAYS be there, in fact, i can’t escape it.  which gives me this sort of comfort or sense of stability that i don’t find in other places in my life. we fight. we agree to disagree.  we laugh. we cry. and we often sing- (well she sings, i just make up words which really annoys the shit out of her).

now back to the movie.  allow me to give a shout out to women director’s and writers.  god bless them everyone.  thank you Christine Jeffs (director) and Megan Holley (writer)- well done you two! i was touched by the seemingly normalcy of the character’s lives which really is not so simple, but full of memories, loss, survival and love.  Amy Adams, who in my mind is always adorable and fabulous and Emily Blunt play two sisters whose lives are drastically different and yet unified by the fact that they are and always will be…sisters.

and because barbarella is bi i wanted to mention the small lesbian moment in the movie- it made my heart flutter in a way that  lesbian moments often do.  Emily Blunt’s character is a bit tormented and she seems to be trying to figure things out, one of those things is this:emily-blunt_lthat’s Mary Lynn Rajskub, with Blunt and here’s just a little screen shot of blunt that i loved.  please notice her sweet sparrow tattoos.

2009_sunshine_cleaning_002looking real good lady.


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