Are you typical of Earth women? Barbarella: I’m about average.

13 Jul

how do i come back from a 4 month hiatus?  first of all, a small recap is in order.  i graduated, passed my clinical exam, moved and decided to take back my life. so here’s to taking lives back! woohoo! so how might one do that exactly?  the following is how i’ve begun thus far: 1) calling 5 great gal pals to help me move- nothing like moving into a storage unit to give you the feeling of new beginnings. 2) free concert in the city and finally 3) developing a new crush. bonus: saw said crush at free concert, which led to an interesting conversation with friends about how one girl might know if another girl is into girls.  i find it to be a bit tricky. sometimes stereotypes work: converse, trimmed nails and short hair, but then again not always (like myself, for example).

and here is where i give a shout out to androgynous girls.  god how i love them. i’ve had my eye on this girlie for about 6 months alas she’s dating someone and i’m not walking down that road again. promise. pinky swear. so i’ll just keep going into her very out of the way coffee shop so i can swoon while she makes my mocha. in the mean time here are a few lovely ladies i just like to look at.

jenny shimizu

jenny shimizu

kate moennig

kate moennig

kim stolz

kim stolz


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