decrucify the angel kissing gays

8 Aug

450px-Salt_Lake_City_Temple_Moroniso i have a tendency to be slightly more pessimistic than optimistic, it is just my nature.  but when i heard about the two boys getting arrested for trespassing i was confused. was this a good thing or a bad thing?  i have to ask, as i always do, how are gays being portrayed in the media? is it in a positive or negative light?  is more exposure a good thing? i think so.  it made me angry to know that in my very own old neighborhood these two boys were arrested for showing a bit of affection.  it was disheartening to hear they were arrested.  it was comforting to hear charges were dismissed by the judge.  it was a bummer that i couldn’t find a lot of press coverage on it, but what i did find came mostly out of utah. at least utahns are talking about it, or writing small articles about it. you can read about it here and here and here. i have to remember that incremental change is powerful change, it just takes a lot of time. it was only last month that the Matthew Shepard Act was enacted due to tireless efforts on the parts of his mother, many other volunteers and gay rights activists and his murder took place more then 10 years ago. so yes, the act was passed, this is good. and yet gays are getting arrested on temple square premises, this is not good. more and more states are allowing partnerships and partner benefits, this is good, but then there is prop 8, not good. so we just keep on working and talking and….kissing.


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