el diablo

19 Aug

diablo cody or brook busey or whatever, she is just a delight.  i read the interview she gave bust magazine this morning and became a little bit more pleased with her then i had been before.  and not that i’m the end all be all or whatever (well i kind of am on my blog), but i like the woman.  i like her because she just seems like a real person.  i know, i know what does that even mean?  essentially, i don’t know miss cody, but i have read her blog (which you can still find, google it) and i’ve followed her work a bit and she just seems like the person who’s not afraid to say, here i am. take it or leave it. and i respect that. this was one of my favorite things she said in the interview:

i watch porn all the time.  i look at pornography every day.

and how do you feel when you watch it? (which i thought was a really interesting question).

i feel like i’m in the drive-thru at Carl’s Jr. like i’m just fulfilling a need.  it’s not a sensual, pleasurable experience for me; it’s comfort food.

i have a feeling there may be a bit more to that answer, but i really appreciated that.  when i read those words i was sort of shocked for a minute because i really related to it’s comfort food.  god, who hasn’t felt that way? it started this whole dialogue with myself about porn and sex and comfort and needs and well i don’t have any concrete thoughts, but it’s so interesting to me that at 30 i still have no fucking idea why i do half the things i do. cause they feel good? auto pilot? habit? confusion?  while i’m pondering my inner most thoughts, here are some lovely photos for you to dwell on.





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