eeny, meeny, miny, moe

26 Aug

now i am of the general opinion that everyone is gay.

this seems to bother straight people.

like assuming someone’s sexuality is really offensive.

but seriously, how am i supposed to know?  people don’t generally assume i like women.  in fact, when they find out it seems like it’s they are genuinely surprised. this from straighties.  and why? well because they assume most people are straight. do i get offended? nope. in fact, i would even say i derive some form of pleasure from it. like i get to say, “you don’t know my life!” and now-a-days you’ve got all the little hipsters running around looking, well… generally looking gay. i know, i know how stereotypical of me- oh the labels! and to prove that i am a thoughtful- well deeply thinking person, i have made some art.

this is called photoshop girlfriends:

gaish this is called: gay: you are doing it wrong.



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