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who’s gender confused?

15 Sep

you know with my last post i was just thinking a little bit about this idea of intersex. and then i started getting really annoyed because of the recent Caster Semenya debacle. i have read some terrible things, especially comments on articles, which are nothing short of cyber bullying.  it’s shameful and ridiculous how this extraordinary woman is being treated.  i do like the nbc article, which focused on individuals who support the athlete and are concerned for her mental well being. well at least some people are concerned about what this 18 year old might be feeling. keep your chin up Caster, times are a changing.

check out this website which documents other stories about professional athletes who have undergone similar stories, mostly tragic.

music mommas

14 Sep

i didn’t watch the VMA’s last night, but i do know that  lady gaga was nominated in 9 categories (along with the fabulous beyonce) and shocked everyone with some sort of paparazzi-is-killing-me performance, that i wish i had seen. i love lady gaga because i love a good club song now and again and poker face reminds me of gay pride 2009.  and i love all this talk about her being a “hermaphrodite.” not in the i-love-gossip kind of way, but in the i-love-when-people-talk-about-sexuality kind of way.  anyway she supposedly admitted to having both female and male genitalia. you can click here to see what she might have said.  this is all spawned from one photo of the performer and a mystery bump.  who knows, maybe she’s packing? that’s a fun idea. or maybe she has a chubby clam? that’s not bad.

i love a hair bow. no seriously. i want that.


love those thighs.


she really does play the piano!


great quote: “And, now, I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” go for it lady gaga, give us your sequin! and in case you forgot the gay summer anthem, here you go.

fridays are fucking fabulous

11 Sep

alas i am on the road again. gypsy style. everything is loaded in the car, or very shortly will be and i am ready for the next ride. this weekend will be spent in:

vegas sign01

unfortunately not in debauchery.  more family like. remember how vegas tried to do that whole family friendly theme back in the late 90s? that was stupid. i’m not really a vegas kind of gal, but it sure would be fun to go to one of those old vegas shows. like jubilee where women sort of look like men dressing like women. or….i dunno, but it’s glitter and feathers and boobs and it kind of makes me happy.



funny lady

10 Sep

i have not done a post on a funny lady in a long, long time. which seriously is just a crime. so here’s a shout out to one very special lady introduced to me through you tube.

ladies, i give you suzi barret:

and now that i live in this god forsaken city, i fully plan on convincing her to be my girlfriend.

I shall share my delights with you

9 Sep

i’m pretty sure i’ve confessed my weakness for pre-adolescent, crappy, usually disney movies. i have a new favorite right now. enchanted. the hbo has been playing it a lot lately, and i am very grateful.  mostly i love it cause i’m in love with amy adams.  so very in love. i mean, junebug? adorable. sunshine cleaning? fantastic! drop dead gorgeous? hilarious. miss pettigrew lives for a day? pure delight. julie & julia? made my fucking day. enchanted? nothing but awesome there. oh happy sigh.  let’s just look at pretty pictures now, cause i have a lot. this first one is barbarella-esque i think:


just dreaming. dreaming, dreaming…..


lounging in unmentionables is always nice:


don’t mess with this lady:


she’ll cut a bitch:

michaelkorsoh and here is my fave:

amyadamsyou’re welcome.

marc jacobs is a lesbian

8 Sep

so music mommas took a break because this momma is tired. long weekend. lots of drama, needless drama therefore no music updates this week.  however, i did run across something that made me happy.


i do like what this blogger had to say about activism verses consumerism.  you should really read this. i’m a ridiculous consumer sometimes and i buy into a lot of bullshit to make myself feel better and quite frankly, sometimes it does.  but this shirt made me happy because i like what it says. so when i wear this shirt, i am saying something.

fridays are fucking fabulous

5 Sep

and what a fabulous friday it has been. got my hair did. lunch with friend. dinner with another friend. staying with two cute doggies. all is right in the world.

this holiday weekend will be spent in my hometown. town of cactus and lava rock front lawns. and home of best friend. and that is always nice to come home to. we’ve been through a lot together: girlfriends, boyfriends, coming out, drugs, hair school, grad school. where would i be if it were not for best friends, getting me through thick and thin and always doing my hair right.  don’t be jealous that my BF is a fabulous colorist. oh and don’t be jealous that my best friend is gay.


let’s talk cartoons

3 Sep

recently i read a very interesting commentary on the pixar film Wall-E. essentially it spoke to the gender bending of wall-e and eve. kate bornstein, brilliantly pointed how this disney movie was really about a butch/femme relationship.


then i read another interesting article about ratatouille, which essentially stated that this movie about a little rat who wants to be a chef is a “coming out story.”


i know that disney has made some very specific statements about the heterosexuality of wall-e and eve, but here’s the thing: this is progress. no matter what, this is progress. all of the disney movies i watched as a kid were clearly about heterosexuals, mostly damsels in distress who needed saving.  here’s my little secret: i loved them, ate them up.  but it’s not realistic and i’m not going to go so far as to say that fairytales ruined my life, but being a fairly sexually repressed teenager- well i’m pretty sure these movies didn’t help me out either. the fact of the matter is, some of the movies out now a days don’t even involve a maiden and  a prince, some of them have two characters and depending on your sexuality, you get to choose if they are gay, straight, bi or whatever and that my friends is progress. you get to choose. (oh and by the way- disney offers partner benefits, i know they have made some questionable choices about what they choose to broadcast on ABC, their “family friendly” station, but in many ways progressive).