let’s talk cartoons

3 Sep

recently i read a very interesting commentary on the pixar film Wall-E. essentially it spoke to the gender bending of wall-e and eve. kate bornstein, brilliantly pointed how this disney movie was really about a butch/femme relationship.


then i read another interesting article about ratatouille, which essentially stated that this movie about a little rat who wants to be a chef is a “coming out story.”


i know that disney has made some very specific statements about the heterosexuality of wall-e and eve, but here’s the thing: this is progress. no matter what, this is progress. all of the disney movies i watched as a kid were clearly about heterosexuals, mostly damsels in distress who needed saving.  here’s my little secret: i loved them, ate them up.  but it’s not realistic and i’m not going to go so far as to say that fairytales ruined my life, but being a fairly sexually repressed teenager- well i’m pretty sure these movies didn’t help me out either. the fact of the matter is, some of the movies out now a days don’t even involve a maiden and  a prince, some of them have two characters and depending on your sexuality, you get to choose if they are gay, straight, bi or whatever and that my friends is progress. you get to choose. (oh and by the way- disney offers partner benefits, i know they have made some questionable choices about what they choose to broadcast on ABC, their “family friendly” station, but in many ways progressive).


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