music mommas

14 Sep

i didn’t watch the VMA’s last night, but i do know that  lady gaga was nominated in 9 categories (along with the fabulous beyonce) and shocked everyone with some sort of paparazzi-is-killing-me performance, that i wish i had seen. i love lady gaga because i love a good club song now and again and poker face reminds me of gay pride 2009.  and i love all this talk about her being a “hermaphrodite.” not in the i-love-gossip kind of way, but in the i-love-when-people-talk-about-sexuality kind of way.  anyway she supposedly admitted to having both female and male genitalia. you can click here to see what she might have said.  this is all spawned from one photo of the performer and a mystery bump.  who knows, maybe she’s packing? that’s a fun idea. or maybe she has a chubby clam? that’s not bad.

i love a hair bow. no seriously. i want that.


love those thighs.


she really does play the piano!


great quote: “And, now, I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” go for it lady gaga, give us your sequin! and in case you forgot the gay summer anthem, here you go.


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