music mommas

26 Oct

a few years ago, someone gave me some tickets to go to a concert to a band i had never heard of. so i went.

it was tegan and sara.

i had no idea what i was getting into. i just remember standing there thinking, wow look at them!


they revived this old fantasy of mine to be a rocker. they played and sang with so much confidence. these two little sprites. they encapsulated so much strength and talent and i just thought to myself, how do they do it? needless to say, i was smitten.


for me, of a slightly older generation then the twins, it’s always magical to see women pursuing their dreams, being passionate, being good and talented without any excuses. they were just up on that stage doing what they do, singing and playing with all their might and without their tits hanging out or long, blonde extensions. just real girls. like me.


their music would become a sort of anthem for me for like a year. that was a year of a lot of changes and it felt good to put on a couple of their albums and sing at the top of my lungs (in my car).

nineteen was, well still is, one of my favorite songs of theirs and so for your listening pleasure…..

also new album, sainthood is available on i-tunes.


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