hearts and deserts and such

3 Nov

i just finished reading desert of the heart, which of course was what the cult lesbian movie, desert hearts was based off of. cult lesbian movie. that’s fun to say. in fact, i shall say it more often. from the moment i picked up that book i was shocked by how terribly relevant it still is, considering it was written in 1964. the main character evelyn is completely disillusioned with her life, as a wife, a professional, in academia, and her definition of self as a woman and without a child no less.  it is so beautifully written and its profundity is that it is simply a love story. a romantic love story.


evelyn says to ann that she lives in the desert of the heart and to ann, a child of the desert, what could be more perfect? i liked the movie too and there were a couple of great quotes, but again the beauty of the film is that it is not pulp, it is not porn, it is simply a love story about two women in a time that is not so very different from our own.



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