living in the time of bigotry

13 Jan

okay so it’s kind of a political week for me i guess. i’m just all into Perry v. Schwarzenegger. i’m really enjoying the live blogs from the courtroom and the people who have enough guts to get up on the stand and say, this is wrong. i am, however, disheartened by the fact that the trial is not being televised and not necessarily because i would be watching it, but for another reason entirely. the U.S. Supreme Court overruled federal Judge Walker’s decision to televise and why i wonder? there is talk that they were heavily influenced by prop 8 supporters. this means no matter what Judge Walker decides the U.S. Supreme Court can overthrow his decision. and maybe this is me being pessimistic or maybe this is me feeling vulnerable, but it is an odd feeling existing on a side where decisions that impact your life so personally are being decided by a bunch of judges you have never met. the thing is, i am no revolutionary. i see the flaws in our system and that it is often run by ego and monetary donations, however i have no suggestion for something better. i have no will to overthrow an entire process, i am more interested in working within what is already there and perhaps that makes me lazy. i also know that sometimes what i believe to be true and just is not always in accordance to what another may believe to be true and just and sadly this whole thing may not really be about civil rights and equality, but more about a flip of a coin.

now on the other hand, i am happy that i live in a time where people question “authority.” where litigation may be insidious, it still transforms. it makes me happy that people are passionate and fight for social justice. fear tactics and bible bellowing aside, an evolutionary scope dictates that change is inevitable. for me, that is comforting.


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