music mommas

18 Jan

i’m having a mini high school reunion this weekend, so it got me thinking of oldies, but goodies. NOTE: following story is really nothing to be proud of, but i use the excuse of being young and dumb. it was somewhere between 1996 and 1998 in the dusty college town of tempe, arizona. there was very little to do, other than smoke pot, swim, watch movies and attend the occasional all ages show.

then one day lady miss kier rolled into town. we worshipped her. and why wouldn’t we really? the hair, the boots, the glitter. all so wonderful. my dear friend and perhaps the biggest fan of us all, however, had recently been picked up for some drug charge or another. he was in a court ordered drug rehab. so we did what any good friends would do. we waited until it was dark and we then we broke him out of rehab.

it was a great night and a great show. and my admiration for the delovely lady blossomed. as far as i know we were also able to safely redeposit friend to rehab, at least that’s the way my memory decides to recall those chain of events. all was well and happy.

she can get political too- always sticking up for gay rights and reminding us to vote:


One Response to “music mommas”

  1. Janelle January 19, 2010 at 6:39 am #

    Hah! Love, love, love that story.

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