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friday are fucking fabulous

26 Feb

last night i spoke to my mom on the phone and i told her about this woman i really like.

mom is definitely holding out for me to fall madly in love with a nice young man someday.

she said to me, “oh i don’t know what to say.” to which i replied, “you don’t have to stay anything.” and she then said, in a calm, genuine voice, “well, you have a crush.” “yup, mom, i have a crush.”

and this is good. i know how my parents feel. and knowing all of that, i feel like i can still talk about who i like and who i’m hanging out with.

figuring this whole thing out has been interesting. maneuvering through my own emotions and often trying to manage others has caused me to be tight lipped, miss family reunions, avoid certain topics and to tell you the truth, it can be exhausting. so slowly, but surely i am trying to prepare myself to be more open, to my family, co-workers and even complete strangers.

so this weekend is about preparing for the future. i’m going to get in my car on monday and drive a long way to see some family. i’m going to listen to some inspiring tunes and feel confident that whatever it is i am doing is my path and it’s always the right one, because it’s mine.

i also wanted to bid a farewell to the vancouver winter olympics, which i have enjoyed immensely, especially the very emotional women’s figure skating!  i have to post this commercial (not that i really want to promote this product, but whatevs) as i was tivo-ing through the games, i would often stop on this commercial cause i love it so much.

i like the idea of limitless possibilities and ethereal dream like potential. featuring olympian Gretchen Bleiler:

genius is mysterious

24 Feb

i love me some winter olympics.  i love the speed skating and the snow boarding and the figure skating.  i love, love it. it’s always something to see people with that kind of passion. i’m pretty sure i’ve never cared about anything as much as these athletes care about their sport and it’s sort of beautiful to see them. and those faces when they know they’ve won. it kills me. i just sit on the couch and cry like i actually know every step they’ve made, every work-out they’ve been to, all the sweat and tears and i revel in that moment with them.





and although rochette has not medaled yet, she certainly is a champion. i was really moved by her performance last night and when scott hamilton became choked up, i pretty much lost it.

and just a little word about the gays, there are very few out-out olympians, but this year a pride center in vancouver opened it’s doors for the festivities, with a message that all are welcome. and that’s real nice.

music mommas

22 Feb

oh monday, monday, monday. so hard to pull it together this morning. but i shall prevail with music mommas, albeit after a lot of coffee.  i’m not really going to go into my weekend right now, which was quite fantastic, but i will leave you with a remainder: florence and the machine

personally, i’m partial to her as a ginger, but throw in a ceramic goose and i’ll be pretty pleased!

i wonder what it’s like to win the award, best international band? bib. hi we are florence and the machine and in case you didn’t know, we are bib.

they do a gorgeous cover of robert palmer’s addicted to love. it’s serious. you need to listen. you will love me for it. here you go.

fridays are fucking fabulous

19 Feb

you’ll have to excuse my behavior this week, i am dis.tract.ed.

i have some things on my mind.

i have some people in mind as well. okay, one person. which is nice. real nice.

and all of this stuff is making my brain mushy. so i’m looking forward to a little time off and an upcoming road trip.

so this weekend will be spent preparing for my approaching car ride and my next move. i’m thinking mix tape.

speaking of mix tapes, please check out a project of a friend of mine:

cassette from my ex– very funny.

thinking thoughts

17 Feb

this is all i have to say today:

surely feminism is a failure if you can’t fuck your best friend. the lesofem.

i snorted.

music mommas

15 Feb

i’m posting music mommas a bit early because i’m going sailing on monday and in the morning i’d prefer to be focusing on the gourmet bites i’m preparing rather than blogging, so in advance i give you tina dico or tina dickow as she’s known in denmark.

have a listen….

i love watchin’ a lady enjoying herself. and to me it seems like tina does indeed enjoy singing and playing her guitar. i first heard her when i downloaded her song from SXSW 2009. thank god for ladies singing and free downloads, it’s an all around good combo.

fridays are fucking fabulous

12 Feb

3 day weekend! lots of errands will be run, bathroom floors will be cleaned and presidents will be observed. well i am very happy about the day off, no matter what it’s for. but just for a minute let’s talk about presidential ladies:

michelle obama and the gays:

even rosalynn carter in 1977 said, “i don’t think they [gays] should be harrassed.” not that she was a huge champion for gay rights or anything, but it is what it is.

and as for my favorite: i have been and probably always will be a hillary supporter, mostly because she supports me.  this is what she said recently about the anti-gay law uganda is considering: “[W]e are also standing up for girls and women, who too often in the name of religion are denied basic human rights. And we are standing up for gays and lesbians, who deserve to be treated as full human beings. I recently called President [Yoweri] Museveni, who I have known through the prayer breakfast, and expressed the strongest concern about a law being considered in the parliament in Uganda.”

can we talk about this?

10 Feb

this is cindy mccain.

i know. i was pretty dumbfounded myself.  i knew that megan mccain (daughter) had publicly stated she opposed her father’s views about gay marriage and was/is a proponent of prop 8, but cindy?

let’s be honest, when conservative party members voice their opinion on what is somehow considered liberal agenda, i think it really might change the face of NOH8. in a good way.

this is megan mccain.

music mommmas

8 Feb

i go to vegas a few times a year and not once was i willing to shell out the dough to go see bette midler. now that her show is done and gone i am regretting it hugely. look at this lady!

fortunately i have seen her in concert and it was wonderful.  really, all i have to say is that she rode in on a carousal horse suspended in the air. it was pretty fantastic.

i feel like i have always been singing along with bette. beaches basically changed my whole life and became the soundtrack to my formative years. and who didn’t love to sing ‘the rose’ in a round? we all did. all of us.

the divine miss m

fridays are fucking fabulous

5 Feb

friday funny time.  i haven’t done a post about funny ladies in a long time. real, real long. and there is nothing i love more then a funny lady. to celebrate funny ladies, i’m going to have a stand-up weekend, meaning both friday and saturday night will be spent at sad, dowdy clubs listening to people risk it all. to be perfectly honest i like to watch stand up on t.v. that way if i get uncomfortable for the poor sap on the stage, i can just fast forward.  but i’m going to brave the crowds and support a couple of friends.

i did want to mention one particularly funny lady, that i have always adored, ever since i saw her in amy heckerling’s movie, clueless.  i loved when Brittany Murphey played rolls that  showcased her physical comedy (clueless, drop dead gorgeous, uptown girls).  i thought she was funny and likable and it makes me sad that her life is done. she also played dramatic roles well and on a few occasions pulled off being a lesbian (common ground, the dead girl, freeway).

here’s to rollin’ with the homies