chamber of ultimate solution

4 Feb

i’m about to keep it real, so should you be somewhat prudish, maybe just skip this entry and wait for fridays are fucking fabulous.

so here it is: i have a healthy libido. i like sex a lot. and it’s weird to me when i hear other people do not share in my enthusiasm.  i prefer sex with another person, as i think most people do, however i can take care of myself. and i do. often. but i had a weird month a while ago where i was just not feelin’ it.  this is very unusual for me- i’m just going to blame it on my wacky hormones. so i had neglected myself for almost an entire month and i kept thinking, i just need to get in there because it’s going to make me feel better. and i did, eventually and yes i did feel better, a lot better.  i started thinking about how taboo masturbation is and how many years of my life i spent feeling guilty or bad about masturbating.  coincidentally, in another time or alternate universe i would have been proud of myself for holding out for as long as i did (awesome religious dogma).  fast forward to the much nicer present where i actually was telling myself, you really should. it’s time.

Lester Dearborn said, “No other form of sexual activity has been more frequently discussed, more roundly condemned, and more universally practiced than masturbation.”  there has since been more research and more talk and ultimately if you want to find that masturbation is bad and morally corrupt, you will find that information. if you want to find that masturbation is normal and healthy, you can find that as well.  the best research or just crappy magazine column advice agrees on this: if you masturbate you will likely have a better sex life. you know what you like, you know your body and if you were also blessed with some communication skills the end result can be bliss.

this is long, but interesting. brings up gender stuff, gay stuff, feminist stuff…


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