music mommas

16 Mar

going to try and slowly get back into the swing of things, one step at a time. beginning with music mommas, albeit a day late.

and since i’m leaving las vegas, a word on the catchy tunes of miss sheryl crow.

now i’m not a huge fan, but i can appreciate the woman. and that was a good song, it’s one of those songs you can just belt out and have a good time with.  look at these lyrics! they made me giggle and no doubt when i’m driving through barstow tomorrow i’ll be looking for that trucker.

Used to be I could drive up to
Barstow for the night
Find some crossroad trucker
To demonstrate his might
But these days it seems
Nowhere is far enough away
So I’m leaving Las Vegas today

sheryl crow is kind of hot though, i never realized….


and she is performing for lillith fair- if the god damn tickets ever go on sale! sheesh!


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