music mommas

22 Mar

okay, i’ll admit that i’m not the most informed american. but that does not stop me from having my opinions!  that being said, i understand that there will be some negative repercussions with the new health care bill, but wow! health care bill! passage of health care bill! wahoo! it just makes me excited that there is some movement. now if only we could keep our roe vs. wade rights and our yet to be determined lgbt rights. sigh. so because it’s a political day, i give you a political lady.

ani difranco.

the first time i ever saw her play was in london at the forum in 1999. i had barely even heard of her, but when i saw her play and play and play i think i actually fell in love with her. from to the teeth:

look at where the profits are
that’s how you’ll find the source
of the big lie that you and i
both know so well
by the time it takes this cultural
death wish to run its course
they’re gonna make a pretty penny
and then they’re all going to hell

yup, 10 years later and still culturally and socially relevant. thank god for righteous babes.


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