Yes, sometimes I like to go out among my people, be like them, ordinary, ‘evil’ as you call it.

23 Mar

i am filled with the tralalalas of free time. which essentially means i am reading a lot of blogs, watching a whole lot of HGTV and spending some time at the beach. and eating ramen, because free time also means no pay’s funny not working. i go outside and think, are all of these people not working? or are they vacationing? maybe just took a mental health day? i dunno but the streets of west l.a. are filled with lots of people, definitely not at work.

without the bothers of work stuff polluting my mind i realized there is one thing on my mind. in fact it’s quite pervasive.


like a whole lot. there is this whole campaign about men thinking about sex every seven seconds. i have no idea if i think about sex every how ever many seconds, but i do know it is there in my head much of the time. and i started thinking, i wonder why we demonize men for supposedly thinking about sex so much more then women. and i don’t even know if that’s true. cause guess what? i’m a lady and i think about it too. and i know a lot of other ladies that do too.

what does “thinking” about sex even mean? actual sex or looking at this as you are casually walking down the street?

okay maybe you only see this in west hollywood, but still….

and i’ve definitely been caught in this act (although with a slightly less judgmental face than miss sophia loren)

so does that count as thinking about sex? and what about all that i am accosted with everytime i turn on my t.v. or walk out of my house for that matter? carl’s jr. commercials, oh hell any commercial! there are beautiful people barely dressed wherever i go, so does that make me a pervert? nope, i’m pretty sure that makes me normal. and advertising has achieved exactly what it set out to do, sell me on sex. so in a way, i am being programmed to think about sex, a lot (that is if i ever go online or outside or turn on a television), but on the other hand i like sex and like thinking about it. i like to see cleavage and crotch shots. i’m not sure about putting a sexual divide on this matter. not sure if men really think about sex more then women, perhaps they do, i’m not a dude nor do i actually know very many but as for me and my house, we will think about sex. often.


One Response to “Yes, sometimes I like to go out among my people, be like them, ordinary, ‘evil’ as you call it.”

  1. Janelle March 24, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    “As for me and my house, we will think about sex” Bwahahaha. I think about sex ALL of the time, ps.

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