shabbat shalom

28 Mar

so it is the last day of my lovely unpaid four week vacation. and it has been truly wonderful. i am all about not working. the thing is i’m a working gal. i have always worked- save a little stint while i was in grad school (which was short lived). i was that kid who had a job at 15 and before that was always trying to find ways to make money- reason being: i like to shop. and i still do, however, there are other things i like to do now. i like to take walks, i love to go the beach, i like to quilt, i like to read and i love to cook. (god i sound like a victorian socialite). so this little sabbath day post is kind of an important one to me- it’s a bit of an update. i feel my life priorities shifting a bit and i really owe that to my job, who didn’t want to pay me for four weeks and sent me on my way to discover this: i don’t need to make a lot of money. i need to prioritize things and do what is most important: keep my family and friends close and make sure i get to the ocean at least once a week.


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