music mommas

12 Apr

you know when you are staying with friends and their bad relationship is dripping gooey yuck all over the place? yeah. for reals.  don’t get me wrong, i had a great weekend. and had a most gracious host and i get it…. i mean i’ve been in that position where your gf/bf/whatever calls you and you try and hide it from your friends. uck. that’s a bad place to be. or you are just hiding the relationship altogether. wow. yeah, i’ve been there too. so my friend’s terribly depressing “relationship” has inspired music mommas today. i sure love a break up song. i really do.

miss emmylou harris– a long time love of mine sings, better off without you.

Room 16, the Palms Motel

Now I can rest behind that door

My life with you’s become a living hell

Don’t wanna live like that no more

And whatever it will take

I will do to make this final break

i love a lady that’s all silver

i was able to see her perform a song at the grammy’s one year- it was honestly a musical performance highlight in my life.


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