singin hallelujah with a fear in your heart

14 Apr

i’ve been catching up on the tudors, since the final season started on showtime sunday night. i love this show because i think it does a particularly good job showing how personal greed and desire for power is what really drives politics. it demonstrates how one side is not all good and the other not all bad. there is a whole lot of grey area. there is also a whole lot of ugly.  the reformation essentially began with henry VIII, because he wanted a divorce. he got his divorce and an excommunication from the catholic church.

(yeah that’s hollywood sexy anne boleyn- henry wanted to marry that girl! and then he had her decapitated later. boo.)

it’s sort of amazing to think what this western world would be like if the catholic church still had the kind of clutches on people that it did in those days. i know the catholic church is still frighteningly powerful, but it is not like it used to be. thank god. or whatever. because they represent a lot of pain for a lot of people. for example: cardinal tarsicio bertone decided it was important to tell the world that homosexuality is directly related to pedophilia. interesting. so yeah, i personally don’t have any direct ties to the catholic church, nor does my family not for decades and decades anyway. and i’m glad. it’s ignorant, perverse and untrue comments like these that cause irreparable damage.  a couple of years ago when i was in grad school i was astounded and hurt that if a topic regarding anything LGBT related came up, the conversation almost invariably went in the direction of pedophilia. in one such discussion, i brought this point up. of course i was chastised and told that was not the point of the discussion and no one was accusing gays of being perverts. but i reiterated that one must question WHY the two topics often went hand in hand, preceded one another, spoke of in the same breath.  this was offensive and should be considered, not just brushed aside.  after class, one of my cohort came up to me and thanked me.  she said i was absolutely right and she had never ever even thought about it or the negative impact it has- especially in a supposed academic forum. so yeah catholic church- take that. you may have a voice that effects thousands, but i have one too even if it only effects one.


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