music mommas

19 Apr

i did a whole lot of movie watching over the weekend. my roommate and i decided to watch, but i’m a cheerleader, directed by jamie babbit. it’s been playing on showtime for a little bit. it’s been years since i have seen this movie and it’s john water’s-like art direction and campy gay characters are still wonderful. natasha lyonne and clea duvall do a great job showcasing a teenage girl love story.  i had forgotten how utterly sweet they are together. there is this little love scene between the two with a song called Glass Vase Cello Case performed by Tattle Tale playing in the background.

heart melting. so i thought i’d see what tattle tale has been up to.  madigan shive and jen wood made up the duo when they were mere kids themselves. they formed moon puss records, which is actually a very clever name.  they have since gone their separate ways and in fact, madigan shive is playing a show here in l.a. in a couple of weeks. i might just stop by to see what she can really do with a cello.

i really do love the cello. and when a lady plays the cello, it’s like watching a lady play a lady. sublime


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