music mommas

10 May

my brother and i were talking. okay we were i-chatting- close enough. and the topic turned to: if your house (translate: crappy rented apartment) was on fire, what is the one thing you would save? duh. my macbook. it’s my favorite thing in the whole world. i love it. i love that i got a good deal on it. i love that it’s never caused me any problems. i love that it is 2 years old and still feels brand new. i blog from it. i have lots of memories captured in photos kept on it. i write from it. i work from it. it basically fulfills me on a psychological, emotional and let’s face it even on a physical level at times. so i would grab my macbook and a bathrobe, because i feel like if my place were to catch on fire, it would be at night or at another vulnerable time, like when i’m just getting out of the shower. anyway, i would save the laptop and then report it damaged to the insurance company so that i could get a desktop and then i would have two computers. but i don’t have renter’s insurance, so that won’t ever happen- besides it’s fraud. and barbarella is a lot of things but she’s no fraud. just dreamin.’

speaking of fire….what about [the] arcade fire? i was sitting at the starbucks yesterday type, typing away on my laptop and listening to some old mixes i made, which was helping me quantum leap back into the time period of which i was writing about. side note, i was really multi-tasking because i also had to pretend i was listening to the insane guy sitting next to me, who may or may not have been homeless, but was definitely off his rocker and really, really wanted to have a conversation(s) with me. that’s what happens when you go out in public i guess.

so i was writing, half listening and searching out old tunes when i decided to put on the arcade fire. mostly cause i knew it would drown out the crazy next to me real well. i haven’t listened to their albums so much lately, but as i said, was revisiting a different time in my life and god they are a good band. real good. definitely on my life soundtrack and fortunately they will be releasing new songs this summer. Check out their gorgeous neon bible video. by post-modern terms, an oldie but a goodie

you’re a rocker Régine Chassagne and i like that

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