sexy time (perhaps too sexy to read at work)

8 Jun

have you ever filmed yourself? you know, having sex or masturbating? i think it’s an interesting idea. like what makes someone want to do that? so from time to time i like to watch a little free online amateur porn. and i think to myself, someone actually thought this was okay to post on the internet for the entire world to be it’s judge? part me feels like that is awesome and part of me feels like it is completely insane. and then there is the part that is happy somebody’s doing it.

so yes, i’ve filmed myself but it certainly wasn’t to post on the internet. it wasn’t to send to someone. i don’t get off on watching myself. it was based more on insecurities. i just wanted to make sure i wasn’t doing anything weird. like yucky faces or odd body contortions. and then when i think about that, it’s kind of sad. like who fucking cares what i look like? why would i even worry about that? am i comparing myself to people who shave their whole bodies, inflate their breasts with silicone and deprive themselves of carbs? porn is such an odd thing. in one way it is great, it serves it’s purpose and helps me do what i like to do best but on the other hand sometimes it really grosses me out. and seriously why isn’t there more real lesbian porn out there? but look what i did find….

by an artist called ruby42, here is her etsy shop. that is some fun stichin’!


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