nobody does a parade like we do a parade

14 Jun

i had such a fabulous weekend. it needed to be documented further. the weather was fabulous, my freckles got tan. friends were in from out of town. drinks were shared. so much walking. it’s good to be gay.

aw well it’s just so nice to see all the flags.

some sort of gay super hero

yup. butterflies. en masse.

this aztec guy was the highlight of the parade for me. uhmazing. look at those feathers!!

sharon and kelli!

these people are always here with their loud speakers. and then some gays like to engage in “conversation” with them, for whatever reason which is entirely lost on me. we get it. you are gay and you hate yourselves so you have to come bible thump on our parade. boring.

me and my no hater chest, and believe me this temporary tattoo not so easy to get on that late in the day, but we did it (group effort for sure) and later at the 7/11 i was asked if that was a real tattoo, so yeah nuff said.

this guy….he just doesn’t give a fuck and i think that is the best way to end my pride 2010 post.

your welcome.


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