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fridays are fucking fabulous

30 Jul

well i’m moving again. not this weekend, but this weekend marks the mental preparation start date for said pending move. i’ve been in this apartment since last october and have managed to collect a lot of shit. i am commencing throwing away of shit starting tomorrow! before all of that i’m going to dinner tonight, and a mani/pedi with a lovely friend tomorrow, birthday party tomorrow night, some pool time sunday- oh man i might be too busy to start mentally preparing, might have to wait…..

today, instead of working i have mostly been fantasizing about how i want my life to be, sometimes. sometimes i want my life to be like this…. you know when you sit at a desk all day and your ass falls asleep? and people come in and out of your office asking mundane questions? and then someone asks you a question you actually have to think about? and then just like that, you sort of wake up and realize nope you don’t have a house in the country where you bake all day in your kitchen and your cool, super smart girlfriend does not bring home items from the grocery store for you. like this fabulous couple.

god i love them. god i want to be them. cause i imagine their life is perfect. even though that’s delusional, i still like to think it. why? suppose cause i want it.

she’s cute. and the house….awesome.

so yeah sometimes i want nothing more than to have a house, a kitchen, and a girlfriend. other days that thought makes me feel claustrophobic and weird, but not today. today, as i begin yet another transition in my life, i  yearn for something a little concrete, a little stable, and preferably someshe wearing glasses.

i am an infidel

28 Jul

i just finished reading ayaan hirsi ali’s book, nomad. it was an inspirational read. she makes some fairly bold statements that have been greatly challenged and refuted by much of the academic world. i really don’t want to take too many liberties with her words, so i highly recommend you read this book, but essentially she says that by allowing, even encouraging this idea of multiculturalism is to enable some backwards thinking and perpetuate racism. also this book is about religion, no doubt about that, but more importantly it’s about islam and women. she made a movie with filmmaker theo van gogh. van gogh was murdered by an islamic fundamentalist for his involvement with the film. ali now has 24/7 security. some of the images from the short film are poignant and quite beautiful.

as an american, a woman, a gay and an atheist i am an infidel. i am wearing a target on my forehead. and there is no reason to gloss over that. i join you ayaan in speaking out because like coming out of the closet, it is important to let people know that you are here, you have a voice and it needs to be heard.

music mommas

26 Jul

we’ve had such moody weather this month of july and each day starts off all overcast (or at least i like to think it’s overcast and not mucky gray pollution). music mommas needs a little gumption today, so i’m pullin’ out the big guns. billie holiday, a force.

billie holiday recorded the song “summertime” in 1936 (composed by George Gershwin with lyrics by Dubose Heyward), which is one of my favorite songs sung by her.

One of these mornings, you’re goin’ to rise up singin’
Then you spread your wings and you’ll take the sky

her voice often reminded me of something liquid, something fierce that could move around a room any which way it so desired. and did so. 

holiday’s life was often overshadowed by tragedy. she spent her childhood in and out of various homes, courts and protective services. she was raped and a victim of drug abuse. in her adult years, although she experienced notoriety she was criminally charged with possession and spent her last moments in life under arrest. she died tragically young at age 44. here is a woman who sang from the heart, or so it seemed. i suppose we’ll never really know where her inspiration came from, why she sang, to whom she sang for, but i for one am happy she found her voice.

fridays are fucking fabulous

23 Jul

it’s just a simple, slow day cause all my cartoon people have headed south this blessed day. i intend on keeping this a slow, lazy weekend as well. full of carb heavy foods, sunshine and a drink or two.
here’s some gay gals drinking cool beverages to get me started for this weekend:
laurel holloman-

lily tomlin-

cynthia nixon-

oh ellen degeneres:

You mean they could still be living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility?

21 Jul

well sometimes things look up a little, if you could call it looking up, but the lovely constance mcmillen received a minor victory in court yesterday. reportedly she will be paid $35,000 to pay for her legal fees and her school must change it’s discrimination policies. which is important. her prom not so much. and i know it feels like it means a lot at the moment, but then some years pass and you don’t even fucking remember your prom or care to. just saying, although i doubt constance will be forgetting her’s anytime soon. way to fight lady.

in other gay news, elena kagan was approved by the senate committee on her nomination for the supreme court. it’s preliminary and there is some question to how committed she is, but she has spoken out against the don’t ask don’t tell policy and in fact said that it is “a profound wrong–a moral injustice in the first order.”

also a new poll regarding attitudes about same sex marriage indicate that a majority of californians approve of “gay marriage.” in fact a similar majority pre- the passage of proposition 8; which passed due largely to the funds from the mormon church. and just in case you are wondering, they are still at it. in argentina this time and still masking their faces, but we see you, we see you. and by the way argentina passed the law anyway, making it the first latin country to allow gay couples the same marital rights as straight couples. way to go argentina!

music mommas

19 Jul

you know me with my ladies and their guitars. this is lissie.

and she does this cover of a kid cudi song, a song that never sounded or looked so good- this lady got a hold of it and made it hers. voice is great, but it’s hard to not be distracted by her jumping up and down, looking so goddamn hot and stuff.

fridays are fucking fabulous

16 Jul

Outfest 2010.

it’s all happening. well…it’s been happening, but i haven’t exactly made my way around to see anything yet, however that will all change this weekend! now most major cities have an lgbt film festival, so get out there and find yours! i mean even salt lake had one.

this particular festival in l.a. offers, coming out in hollywood, a panel in which there is discussion about doing just that, jane lynch and meredith baxter have and will contribute to this discussion. it reminds me of the interview Portia de Rossi did with the Advocate where she talked about all the closeted gays in hollywood.

as quoted from the article- She makes another straightforward “case closed” argument for actors coming out, usual Hollywood scare tactics be damned. “People say, ‘There are lots of openly gay actors.’ And I’m like, who? If everybody I knew that was gay and not being open about it came out, it would make a huge difference to people coming up as young actors in Hollywood. Huge. To producers, to people in casting. ”

and i would add that this would be HUGE for normal everyday peeps, those of us who watch these films. who can sit back and say this is a person who is gay and living their life, so maybe i can too. maybe there really is nothing to be hiding.

so who are all these gays that are not out? well i have a few on my list of obvious, but because coming out is a personal journey, that one can never really understand until one experiences it for oneself, i will keep my big mouth shut. for once.

instead i’m just going to go see some movies that are directed, produced and acted with real live gays who aren’t afraid to say it and live it.

you’re soft and warm

14 Jul

i have been awfully wordy lately. so this hump day post is just about sunshine and summertime. i think it broke 100 degrees today, which means i can go to the beach this weekend and tan my freckles. and i get this question a lot, but really i only have freckles where the sun gets. i promise.

image from the lovely and playful artwork of Arthur de Pins.

music mommas

13 Jul

oh! can i sneak this in? i just stepped off a plane, took my bra off and fired up the old laptap and music mommas is nearly overdue. now you may (or may not) have noticed that lilith fair has come and gone in my parts and there was no blog. well that’s because this barbie couldn’t make it. truth be told it was on a thursday night and deep into the dark scary netherworld of orange county, aka- very far to drive. so i did not make it, which did make me sad. however, i’ve been making some changes in my life, not letting piddly things like money or time or energy keep me down. oh no! so when my friend called and said she had an extra ticket to brandi carlile and why didn’t i just fly right in? that day. i said this: fuck it. i’m on it. and so i jumped on a flight, saw some old friends and rekindled an unrequited love. a love that my heart still burns for. the lovely, the talented, the extremely hot- BRANDI CARLILE. and i had a great view.

and then it became dark

and she was just there, right there (that’s her back)hot jeans, hot boots, hot red suspenders, hot arms…. oh lady…..

my love for her is not just the burning attraction i feel but her passion for singing, for playing the guitar and wailing it all out. and another thing: i do music mommas usually every week, because i love women and i love women musicians, obviously they are not all gay, but this one is and that is even better for my little lesbian heart. heart you BC. thanks for another great show.

fridays are fucking fabulous

9 Jul

there are some flicks that need to be seen this weekend. one in particular which comes out today- the kids are all right, is supposed to be the mecca of lesbians movies. this movie got a lot of buzz at sundance and the critics are loving it, which i suppose is a huge duh when both annette bening and julianne moore star in the film. well…. here it is, i actually went to a preview of this movie on wednesday and i sat in that theater and laughed and cried and gasped with horror. it was literally like some kind of emotional roller coaster and in all honesty i felt like i needed to schedule an appointment with my therapist afterwards. i needed a day to process this movie. there are a lot of opinions out there about how this is a family movie, not necessarily a gay movie. which, i suppose is true, but the fact is, it’s super gay because the family involved has two moms.

Lisa Cholodenko directed and co wrote this incredibly simple story about a family. we see how hard it is to be a parent, we see how much our parents disappoint us and how incredibly ordinary marriage can be. but for me, this is a personal story as well. for the gays, we get to see something onscreen that we normally do not. there is a family. a home. a life together, even though it’s difficult. and they are both women. i cannot stress the importance of not underestimating the power of this. because, yes, yes critics you are right! this is a story about family with two parents that just happen to be women, so any straight person can go see this movie and relate. sure! yes! great! please. this is a beautiful movie because it gives us something beyond that. in this day, when equal rights are diminished and marriage is not an option (with a few exceptions) movies like this are impactful, to me.

small spolier: now that being said, i will say this- it also would have been nice if the affair in the movie was not with a man. and it was particularly disheartening when people in the audience cheered when mark ruffalo’s character and julianne moore’s character started having sex. this was not a clapping moment. it would be nice to see a mainstream movie with gay characters that doesn’t involve one of them having straight sex. i’m just saying. however, i get it. i get that this happens in real life. i get that this is even touching on a larger topic, one of sexual fluidity, which i do appreciate, but! BUT it was still painful to watch.

this was a great movie. this was a lesbian movie. a movie that touched on a thousand themes and quietly plucks at your heart along the way, because you’ve been there at some point, some place, you’ve experienced some thing that one of those characters is going through. superbly acted, beautifully written and a great way to start the weekend- so go forth! and enjoy these faces: