music mommas

13 Jul

oh! can i sneak this in? i just stepped off a plane, took my bra off and fired up the old laptap and music mommas is nearly overdue. now you may (or may not) have noticed that lilith fair has come and gone in my parts and there was no blog. well that’s because this barbie couldn’t make it. truth be told it was on a thursday night and deep into the dark scary netherworld of orange county, aka- very far to drive. so i did not make it, which did make me sad. however, i’ve been making some changes in my life, not letting piddly things like money or time or energy keep me down. oh no! so when my friend called and said she had an extra ticket to brandi carlile and why didn’t i just fly right in? that day. i said this: fuck it. i’m on it. and so i jumped on a flight, saw some old friends and rekindled an unrequited love. a love that my heart still burns for. the lovely, the talented, the extremely hot- BRANDI CARLILE. and i had a great view.

and then it became dark

and she was just there, right there (that’s her back)hot jeans, hot boots, hot red suspenders, hot arms…. oh lady…..

my love for her is not just the burning attraction i feel but her passion for singing, for playing the guitar and wailing it all out. and another thing: i do music mommas usually every week, because i love women and i love women musicians, obviously they are not all gay, but this one is and that is even better for my little lesbian heart. heart you BC. thanks for another great show.


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