i am an infidel

28 Jul

i just finished reading ayaan hirsi ali’s book, nomad. it was an inspirational read. she makes some fairly bold statements that have been greatly challenged and refuted by much of the academic world. i really don’t want to take too many liberties with her words, so i highly recommend you read this book, but essentially she says that by allowing, even encouraging this idea of multiculturalism is to enable some backwards thinking and perpetuate racism. also this book is about religion, no doubt about that, but more importantly it’s about islam and women. she made a movie with filmmaker theo van gogh. van gogh was murdered by an islamic fundamentalist for his involvement with the film. ali now has 24/7 security. some of the images from the short film are poignant and quite beautiful.

as an american, a woman, a gay and an atheist i am an infidel. i am wearing a target on my forehead. and there is no reason to gloss over that. i join you ayaan in speaking out because like coming out of the closet, it is important to let people know that you are here, you have a voice and it needs to be heard.


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