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the best place to be gay? 20th century fox

30 Aug

i’m skipping music mommas today because the emmy’s were yesterday and i just want you to see how gay they were.

jane lynch wins outstanding supporting actress in comedy and kisses wife laura:

and yeah she’s pretty pumped at this moment (so were we)!

and ryan murphy won for outstanding director of comedy, he thanked his partner

is this his partner? i’m not 100% sure, but since we’re not in europe i’m gonna assume that this cheek kiss is not from some random guy in the seat next to him.

lots of gays were nominated and lots went home with their t.v. trophy. hoorah!

some fridays are better than others

27 Aug

this week has been a bit frustrating for various reasons, the utmost reason however is because i am now without an old standby:

yup that’s right, rabbit died. i think probably due to my faulty cleaning technique, well it had been around for awhile. it’s. just. so. sad. this provides some food for thought, because really i have grown quite reliant on little old rabbit. and with upcoming unemployment (6 days to be exact) i don’t exactly have the $90 to lay down for a new toy. what to do, what to do? i found myself wishing i was in the porn industry and then i could just swipe one from work or maybe they get tons of free stuff. lucky, lucky bitches.


25 Aug

i’ve been thinking a lot about religion and subsequently cults. i was also thinking if i had a gay cult/religion i would have handshakes and passwords (see above) because i want to fit in with other religions and cults and stuff. course i would also need to be business savvy, which sadly i am not. but let’s face it i would need to have a good understanding on how to take people’s money, livelihoods and efforts and mash it into one thing: my own agenda. hmm….where does one learn how to do that? in the land of evil and selfish i suppose. and pamphlets. one must have pamphlets. in it it might say something like this and please picture of those tri fold, single sheet ones.

we love everyone

but we have to protect ourselves from evil

we do this with a loving heart and your money

please give (and if you don’t you might go to hell)

we stand for truth and righteous and our version of truth and righteousness is that god loves everyone, but he also hates them. he mostly only loves us cause we do what he tells our leader to do. our leader is a loving barbie who values home cooked meals and lesbian sex. we must share our message with others. diligently. we want you to join us. if you don’t we will judge you for this, but we know you are just confused, like we all once were.

this girl is totally gonna be in my cult-

but seriously,all culty religiony crap aside~ well put harvey milk:

music mommas

23 Aug

somebody sent me this video some months ago, thanks whoever you were. (i have a critter brain and do not retain things like this too well). and then i was reminded by it last night when i went and saw scott pilgrim vs. the world which was sort of a cute movie, but i just liked it cause it had so many amazing women in it. but let’s get to the music momma first: ida maria. she’s a nord and this song is fantastic.

okay now imagine my surprise and my delight when i saw brie larson in that movie? HUGE delight! HUGE surprise! she’s my very most favorite part of united states of tara which coincidentally is my very most favorite t.v. show. this made my whole night.

fridays are fucking fabulous

20 Aug

i’m so bitchy today and i have killer cramps, it’s super neat. i’m just super excited to drink too much and do other sorts of unhealthy self medicating type behaviors to make me feel better this weekend. now this might come to a surprise to some of you, but i love the internets. and when i’m bored or hungry or crampy or feeling any kind of emotion, good or bad- i like to turn to the internets. so here are a couple things that always making me feel better, like pure joy-ectasy better:

lesbians who look like justin beiber:

i mean seriously, check out the website, it’s hilarious.

and i also religiously check go fug yourself (, because she gives you gems like the following and her commentary (there may be two contributors) just get it. they just fucking get it.

and there are just so many of chloe sevigny so i had to give you two.

see what i mean? these are jewels bring a cringe and then subsequent smile to my face. and suddenly i’m not even thinking about my cramps anymore, i’m thinking about how lucky i am not to have beiber hair and thank god i’m too poor to hire a stylist that hates me and tells me i look fabulous in terrible, awful clothing.

happy weekend y’all!

is it christmas yet

18 Aug

i think because i’m moving to a place where seasons exist, i’m just excited for christmas! i like the snow (but only at christmas), i like all the silly movies that come out on christmas day, i like getting presents and i like shopping. it’s a consumer win for sure. but then when i think about moving again i get confused. confused like, there are some things i will really miss about this city. i suppose the biggest one being: the gays. i actually don’t have any lesbians friends where i’m moving. weird. and sad.

at the bar the other night i saw all these ladies and that’s just something that really only happens in west hollywood.

mikey from the “real” l word. now just let me say this, i don’t really watch the show, cause the only way i can get through it is drunk or drunkish and because i can’t drink an entire bottle of wine every sunday night, i usually just abstain from the show. and mikey’s life depresses the shit out of me. she looked good though, in the real life world of weho gay bardom.

and then jackie warner. i loved her show workout, not really sure what happened to it and i was a wee bit scared of her to tell you the honest ass kicking truth, but i stood in line behind her in the bathroom, which meant both of our intimates touched the same toilet seat. just sayin’ it’s more then others can say. a lot more! and she really did have long, flowy locks. i prefer short hair, but you know she looked good.

and my favorite. cause i really do have a crush on this girl. the lovely jasika nicole. and i even watched fringe for a couple seasons, she is almost unbearably cute on the series. she also has her own webpage that showcases her talents. you really should check out her sketches, particularly one called sedi, which is about her younger sister who is autistic. it’s really quite personal and moving. i’m in love with you jasika!

but anyway, i guess the purpose of this post is start my christmas list.

Dearest Santa,

All I want for Christmas are some lesbians. Be it friends or lovers or whatevers wrapped in bows, I’m cool with that. I promise to be super good and nice and giving.



music mommas

16 Aug

well i just had to peace out on my blog for a little bit. basically i went out of town and haven’t been able to get back into the groove since then. i have no excuse, i’ve been back for nearly a week. these things happen. so how about a little pick me up?

this is janelle monae, her latest video has been out for awhile, but it’s so much fun watching her dance and she recently performed on so you think you can dance, so i thought, why not post her. so here she is, the lady who loves to wear a tux and certainly looks great in one:

speaking of so you think you can dance. check this out! awesome. it’s super gay and super beautiful. way to be progressive sytycd.

fridays are fucking fabulous

6 Aug

real quick….cause i’m about to get on a plane. this weekend is all about celebrating love. and as many qualms as i have with marriage and all that it represents there is still the sentimental gal in me that likes to see two people coming together to say, yes we really love each other and want to DO this. and in light of judge walker’s decision on wednesday, i’m feeling a lot better about marriage indeed.

i printed out his entire 136 page ruling so that i can go over it on the plane this afternoon. there is some good stuff in it for sure. you can read it here. already brought tears to my eyes.

this is the weekend that best friend gets married. this has been troubling for me in many ways, but i feel like i’m finally getting over it. it doesn’t feel nearly as devastating as it did before. and god bless best friend for not hanging up on me when i burst into tears when she told me she was getting married.  those were not tears of joy. and she knew it.

in a time when there is so much talk about who should be married and why and who’s god says what, i am happy to be witness to a union that has little to do with god or rights and more to do with two people who have come together because they love each other and they want to be joined together in some sort of symbolic (and financially beneficial) way. i support it.

and although i’d like to keep up my mature facade, i just can’t help but post this picture, because it’s awesome.

Then you’re a dead duck

4 Aug

today the decision about prop 8 will be made.

i am so sick.

i hope the two aren’t somehow cosmically connected.

music mommas

2 Aug

oh momma, momma, momma. remember all those fast car times in your early lesbian youth- even though you may or may not have known you were a lesbian? yeah… me too. just driving around town with your tapes or even your portable c.d. player strategically placed on the dash of your car with some sticky stuff so that it wouldn’t fall off every time you slammed on the breaks? which was so stupid, those portable c.d. players sucked. they always skipped and stuff. but when i throw on some tracy chapman, i’m right back in my red chevy cavalier, with the driver door all busted up- air conditioning blasting on high, but the window cracked a wee bit to let the cigarette smoke out. aw…youth. there she is.

man i loved this lady. and happy to hear she’s happy in love. looks like tracy chapman and guinevere turner are dating. which is great. it’s great when people are happy and and together and gay. go forth guitar playin’ lady and wish you the best!