music mommas

2 Aug

oh momma, momma, momma. remember all those fast car times in your early lesbian youth- even though you may or may not have known you were a lesbian? yeah… me too. just driving around town with your tapes or even your portable c.d. player strategically placed on the dash of your car with some sticky stuff so that it wouldn’t fall off every time you slammed on the breaks? which was so stupid, those portable c.d. players sucked. they always skipped and stuff. but when i throw on some tracy chapman, i’m right back in my red chevy cavalier, with the driver door all busted up- air conditioning blasting on high, but the window cracked a wee bit to let the cigarette smoke out. aw…youth. there she is.

man i loved this lady. and happy to hear she’s happy in love. looks like tracy chapman and guinevere turner are dating. which is great. it’s great when people are happy and and together and gay. go forth guitar playin’ lady and wish you the best!


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