is it christmas yet

18 Aug

i think because i’m moving to a place where seasons exist, i’m just excited for christmas! i like the snow (but only at christmas), i like all the silly movies that come out on christmas day, i like getting presents and i like shopping. it’s a consumer win for sure. but then when i think about moving again i get confused. confused like, there are some things i will really miss about this city. i suppose the biggest one being: the gays. i actually don’t have any lesbians friends where i’m moving. weird. and sad.

at the bar the other night i saw all these ladies and that’s just something that really only happens in west hollywood.

mikey from the “real” l word. now just let me say this, i don’t really watch the show, cause the only way i can get through it is drunk or drunkish and because i can’t drink an entire bottle of wine every sunday night, i usually just abstain from the show. and mikey’s life depresses the shit out of me. she looked good though, in the real life world of weho gay bardom.

and then jackie warner. i loved her show workout, not really sure what happened to it and i was a wee bit scared of her to tell you the honest ass kicking truth, but i stood in line behind her in the bathroom, which meant both of our intimates touched the same toilet seat. just sayin’ it’s more then others can say. a lot more! and she really did have long, flowy locks. i prefer short hair, but you know she looked good.

and my favorite. cause i really do have a crush on this girl. the lovely jasika nicole. and i even watched fringe for a couple seasons, she is almost unbearably cute on the series. she also has her own webpage that showcases her talents. you really should check out her sketches, particularly one called sedi, which is about her younger sister who is autistic. it’s really quite personal and moving. i’m in love with you jasika!

but anyway, i guess the purpose of this post is start my christmas list.

Dearest Santa,

All I want for Christmas are some lesbians. Be it friends or lovers or whatevers wrapped in bows, I’m cool with that. I promise to be super good and nice and giving.




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