25 Aug

i’ve been thinking a lot about religion and subsequently cults. i was also thinking if i had a gay cult/religion i would have handshakes and passwords (see above) because i want to fit in with other religions and cults and stuff. course i would also need to be business savvy, which sadly i am not. but let’s face it i would need to have a good understanding on how to take people’s money, livelihoods and efforts and mash it into one thing: my own agenda. hmm….where does one learn how to do that? in the land of evil and selfish i suppose. and pamphlets. one must have pamphlets. in it it might say something like this and please picture of those tri fold, single sheet ones.

we love everyone

but we have to protect ourselves from evil

we do this with a loving heart and your money

please give (and if you don’t you might go to hell)

we stand for truth and righteous and our version of truth and righteousness is that god loves everyone, but he also hates them. he mostly only loves us cause we do what he tells our leader to do. our leader is a loving barbie who values home cooked meals and lesbian sex. we must share our message with others. diligently. we want you to join us. if you don’t we will judge you for this, but we know you are just confused, like we all once were.

this girl is totally gonna be in my cult-

but seriously,all culty religiony crap aside~ well put harvey milk:


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