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in need of music, momma

22 Nov

sometimes really shitty things happen.

i suppose it’s life. i suppose pain and loss are inevitable. and then there are things i don’t understand. i don’t know where we go when we die. if we go anywhere. i don’t understand the things we are supposed to say and do when someone leaves. i don’t really understand this concept of life. all i know is this is my chance, my one and only. and for those whose chances get cut short, it’s nothing less then sad.

it’s just sad.

a sweet boy’s life was cut short on friday.  he left us too soon. i do know one thing and that is i find comfort is some of my favorite singing ladies. so for today i’m just gonna leave it to reba, brandi and k.d.

that was a duet with justin timberlake, btw.

thanks bryan adams for writing a great song, but thank you brandi for giving it a pulse.

and there are a thousand versions of that leonard cohen song, but in my opinion no one does it better. this is just a recording of when she sang it at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010.

music mommas

14 Nov

after watching tina fey receive the mark twain award, there is really no way i couldn’t write about the lovely jennifer hudson. just, just listen.

i was going to blog about other former american idol-ers, because i watched the cma’s this week, but then i heard miss hudson and there was no way i couldn’t say, fuck yeah lady, sing it! she just sounded phenomenal and looked good too- even though i fear she may have stopped eating.

and just cause beyonce’s in this pic, i had to share

and congrats tina! you are a role model and glass ceiling crasher- thanks for your perseverance and example. love you.

friday, friday, friday

12 Nov

sometimes you have to get through the actual friday for it to be fucking fabulous. it’s very early on friday morning and i have the whole fucking day in front of me. and i am not so happy about that. it is days like these that make me want to eat candy cane hershey kisses in bed and attach an i.v. of vodka cran while joyfully watching every movie i missed in the last 4 months.  not even talking or thinking about sex or sexuality brings a smile to my face, that is how dreaded this friday is.

but….i do have a lovely brunch with friends on sunday to look forward to. friends and food- pretty much always makes me happy. friends and food, friends and food, friends and food, keep repeating, get out of bed, get dressed, friends and food.

okay technically, it’s not a lesbian brunch, but i’ll be there and i’m a lesbian, so…..

music mommas

8 Nov

i’ve just been feeling like i need to take it easy. my stress level has been a bit high and my anxiety is keeping me up at night.  my brain is making me think lots of things like how unprepared i am at my job. and how dangerous that is cause i work with kids. and then i’ve just been engaging in a lot of negative self talk around how capable i am, how i look, how i feel….anyway it’s not great. and i have various coping mechanisms….some more effective then others. 1) eat, yeah so what? i do it. 2) masturbate- it sometimes works, but i haven’t been feeling it lately. 3) drugs- little beyond that stage in my life i think. 4) listen to nice music.

so i dug out this little band called hem. it’s mostly dudes, but Sally Ellyson does the vocals and whenever i listen to her sing i feel a bit soothed, slightly more in control and somehow calm. so thanks hem, i really appreciate it.

anyway this may not be the best recording, but it’s a pretty song anyway, half acre

fridays are fucking fabulous

5 Nov

the weather is being back to gorgeous and sunny, so before that next storm rolls through it might be time to do a few things- like….

ride bikes like the queen

perhaps horse back riding? and since i watch oprah now i learned that this is what portia does to chill. thanks oprah!

or maybe i’ll just lay low and mix some drinks -ahem although not for that guy, but you know maddow’s in the pic, so….

or maybe i’ll just get crazy and go trapeze all weekend, dunk my body in a water tank and swirl upside down- i think it’ll be hot

happy weekend ladies!

sex face

3 Nov

sex face is so fun and embarrassing or super hot. it’s a lot of things. you know who makes anyone have a seriously hot sex face? david lachappelle. i mean, i get that angelina jolie already sort of has that look about her, with the lips ans all, but he pretty much took it to a whole nother level.

lady gaga

and then not so much of a sexy face, but god i love her! and clearly so does lachapelle- yay dolly!

music mommas

1 Nov

it WILL happen because on mountain standard time i still have a few good hours to get this in on a monday!

today was so stupid, for so many reasons and to name a few:

money-rent was due

groceries- i have none

gas- also none

work-worthless and possibly a little traumatizing

and finally

online dating- i have nothing to say about that right now.

so to make me feel better i’m gonna listen to


cause seriously what’s better then a little dancing queen when your down? perhaps sub par choreographed dance moves that include the ever famous shoulder bumping move are not your thing. and yeah maybe dinner jackets worn to night clubs full of girls that are definitely younger then 17 isn’t your favorite. but still, it’s always a good time. cause they were awesome. swedes good job! thanks for making me feel better.