music mommas

8 Nov

i’ve just been feeling like i need to take it easy. my stress level has been a bit high and my anxiety is keeping me up at night.  my brain is making me think lots of things like how unprepared i am at my job. and how dangerous that is cause i work with kids. and then i’ve just been engaging in a lot of negative self talk around how capable i am, how i look, how i feel….anyway it’s not great. and i have various coping mechanisms….some more effective then others. 1) eat, yeah so what? i do it. 2) masturbate- it sometimes works, but i haven’t been feeling it lately. 3) drugs- little beyond that stage in my life i think. 4) listen to nice music.

so i dug out this little band called hem. it’s mostly dudes, but Sally Ellyson does the vocals and whenever i listen to her sing i feel a bit soothed, slightly more in control and somehow calm. so thanks hem, i really appreciate it.

anyway this may not be the best recording, but it’s a pretty song anyway, half acre


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