friday, friday, friday

12 Nov

sometimes you have to get through the actual friday for it to be fucking fabulous. it’s very early on friday morning and i have the whole fucking day in front of me. and i am not so happy about that. it is days like these that make me want to eat candy cane hershey kisses in bed and attach an i.v. of vodka cran while joyfully watching every movie i missed in the last 4 months.  not even talking or thinking about sex or sexuality brings a smile to my face, that is how dreaded this friday is.

but….i do have a lovely brunch with friends on sunday to look forward to. friends and food- pretty much always makes me happy. friends and food, friends and food, friends and food, keep repeating, get out of bed, get dressed, friends and food.

okay technically, it’s not a lesbian brunch, but i’ll be there and i’m a lesbian, so…..


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