in need of music, momma

22 Nov

sometimes really shitty things happen.

i suppose it’s life. i suppose pain and loss are inevitable. and then there are things i don’t understand. i don’t know where we go when we die. if we go anywhere. i don’t understand the things we are supposed to say and do when someone leaves. i don’t really understand this concept of life. all i know is this is my chance, my one and only. and for those whose chances get cut short, it’s nothing less then sad.

it’s just sad.

a sweet boy’s life was cut short on friday.  he left us too soon. i do know one thing and that is i find comfort is some of my favorite singing ladies. so for today i’m just gonna leave it to reba, brandi and k.d.

that was a duet with justin timberlake, btw.

thanks bryan adams for writing a great song, but thank you brandi for giving it a pulse.

and there are a thousand versions of that leonard cohen song, but in my opinion no one does it better. this is just a recording of when she sang it at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010.


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