i did not see that coming

19 Dec

seriously. repealing don’t ask don’t tell?


too bad homophobia is so rampant and well, to put it bluntly life threatening.

i wonder if it was the reason bea arthur denied that she was ever a truck driver serving in the military. whether she was gay or not, i wonder if the idea that the perception that she might be a lesbian, was enough for her to deny that part of her life. probably we will never know. i might suspect though.

a lovely woman, nevertheless. like so many others….

okay those ladies above might not be lesbians, but they are ladies in the military, so..

cadet miller is in fact a lesbian

and tasha, god how i loved tasha with her fabulous laugh.

and if you’d like to read something really disturbing, help yourself here.  it will make you want to poke out your eyes and wonder what the fuck kind of world we live in.


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