oh hello there…..

25 Jan

so here it is 2011 and i have yet to blog. i have been so fucking busy i haven’t even sat down to my favorite past time. more on boring-barbie-is-busy talk later. right now, i just want to say hello and here is one reason i like living where i live:

and tonight i had the privilege of viewing the beautiful film, Circumstance, which was written and directed my Maryam Keshavarz.

Also featured in an interesting New York Times article a few days ago which talked about how Sundance is much more female friendly then Hollywood. to that i would say, well that’s not saying much. 27 of the featured films at Sundance were directed by women. uh…that’s not even close to half, but hey compared to the two that are made in hollywood i guess it’s progress?

anyway, back to the movie.

pretty huh?

pretty in real life too

the second woman in on the left is the director and i love her.  okay, i loved all of them. (note the hand holding. the lovely, lovely hand holding).


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