funny ladies

1 Feb

phyliss diller is my idol. she, SHE fucking paved the way- not just for female comediennes, but for comedians in general.  she was possibly the first to do mother-in-law jokes- that is as a woman making fun of a woman, not a man making fun of his mother-in-law.  she also dig great digs at her husband “fang.” this woman was incredible. she had 6 kids which she had in tow while she traveled around the country doing stand up. uhmazing. she was also fabulous in a drag queen sort of way. well drag queen to me.  most people of her time would call her a clown. even she stated that she always wore gloves, cause all clowns wear gloves. i had the opportunity to sneak a peak of this real deal once. i treasure that peek. she’s 93 ya’ll.

even before diller there was jean carroll, who joked about marriage, shopping, cleaning- everything that was “woman’s work” and too taboo to talk about. jean had no problem kickin herself off any fabricated pedestal. (can’t find video of her sadly, even though she had her own t.v. show) love this joke though:

“The thing that attracted me to my husband was his pride,” one of her best-known bits went. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw him, standing up on a hill, his hair blowing in the breeze — and he too proud to run and get it.”

jean died just one year ago.

and let’s not forget rusty warren. first of all, the name. god i love a rusty. the mother of the song, “bounce your boobies.” apparently, her homage to the sexual revolution and chuckin those bras! yeah. this woman was genius. not to mention, she’s a native phoenician, so dear to my heart.

and if you have a moment, you really should listen to that song cause it’s fabulous. right here for boobies. and good for her livin up retirement in hawaii.

thanks ladies, i personally owe you a lot.


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