20 Feb

yes i’m late to the game, i realize that. but i am a working professional.

i like to say that to people and see how they react. I AM A WORKING PROFESSIONAL. meaning it’s 4am and i am not going to village inn with you. the normal response is: so am i! (side note: this is not usually true on their part unless you count working retail as your chosen career. but who am i to judge?)

anyway, this is also the reason why i am usually behind on what’s cool or what was cool a few years ago. now i’m talking skins UK version, i have yet to see the MTV version, give me a couple more years.

but this show is basically a rated X Dawson’s Creek. this is awesome because dawson’s creek got me through some dark months in my early 20s when it went into syndication and it is also awesome because i may be going through some dark months right now. so bring on the more grown up -READ: accurate- portrayal of teenage life.

that kid from about a boy is in it! yay!

all in all it’s just a great cast, but my favorite is cassie, otherwise known as hannah murray. she’s basically the most fucked up and sweet and interesting character on that show.

“oh, wow. lovely.”

now i don’t want to mislead you, she does not play a lesbian, but does want to try pussy as she so eloquently puts it. fuckin’ awesome.

i can’t say enough good things about this show, it’s gay friendly and sex friendly. i wish it had been around when i was a teenager. saved by the bell really did nothing for my sex life.


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