bustin it out

23 Feb

i love the magazine bust. it’s just so normal and quite frankly i fit their demographic. i especially love it when they throw portia de rossi on the cover. thank you! but there was a very interesting [READ: disturbing] article appropriately titled, Like a Virgin in this past issue.  basically, and i’m just gonna break it down here with all my own bias- it’s about virgins who are feeling really guilty about masturbating or watching porn so they invented a support group to recover from their sinful behavior. women. this is for women.

you all know how i feel about porn. i like it. it serves it’s purpose. is it my favorite? no. do i masturbate? hell yeah. would i rather have sex with a girlfriend? yeah, i would but even when i do that doesn’t stop me from touching myself. now this whole idea of porn addiction is just a little ridiculous to me. don’t get me wrong, i’m not going to discount “addiction.” i work with people dealing with addiction and i get it, if it’s affecting your relationships, interfering with work or leisure activities, and taking up most of your time- yeah you are probably addicted. but if you are just trying to get off every now and again, or even every day and it’s not affecting any of the above, guess there’s nothin wrong with it, is there?

well clearly i’m not the religious right which will have you believe that your body is evil. that pleasure leads to evil and that sex outside of the confines of a marriage between a man and a woman is absolutely forboden.

what i want to say to these women in “recovery” is this: ladies, ladies, please just relax and fuckin enjoy the ride.


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