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spring snow

27 Mar

that’s right, snow. in the spring. which made me want to be at the beach, but since that is just not possible, i decided the second best thing would be to combine my love of staying in my apartment, watching teen movies and sunshine which ultimately culminated in me netflixing blue crush. i repeat, blue crush. i saw this little flick when it first came out in the theater and i remember loving it then. i also remember crushing on those surfer girls. i did not, however, remember that michelle rodriguez was in the movie. why don’t i blog about her more often? love her. also it was before kate botsworth stopped eating. she look good yo!

see, told you. here’s an action shot, cause those are important.

michelle rodriguez looking super straight in her cut off jean shirt and angrily reminding her little blonde friend that she had a surf competition to think about, not some football player from the mainland!!!!!

she’s saying, pick me momma, just pick me. right, i know, i know m.r. is straight. kay. but the movie does have a real life surfer lesbian! yay! keala kennelly:

basically it was an awesome weekend and you should netflix this movie.

understanding virginia woolf

24 Mar

i sort of discovered how fabulous elizabeth tyalor was when i was around 17. i loved how she spoke, how she dressed, how passionate she was, how beautiful….

and when i saw her in who’s afraid of virginia woolf i finally understood her talent.

thanks for all you did for aids awareness and amfar, thanks for your beauty, rest in peace and say hi to michael

we are free bitches

19 Mar

it’s tonight. that’s all.

lesbos and sapphos

13 Mar

Sappho, a greek poet who loved women in the 7th century was described as “Violet-haired, pure, honey-smiling Sappho.” doesn’t that sound lovely and delicious?

painting by charles mengin

I have had not one word from her

Frankly I wish I were dead.
When she left, she wept

a great deal; she said to
me, ``This parting must be
endured, Sappho.  I go unwillingly.''

I said, ``Go, and be happy
but remember (you know
well) whom you leave shackled by love

``If you forget me, think
of our gifts to Aphrodite
and all the loveliness that we shared

``all the violet tiaras,
braided rosebuds, dill and
crocus twined around your young neck

``myrrh poured on your head
and on soft mats girls with
all that they most wished for beside them

``while no voices chanted
choruses without ours,
no woodlot bloomed in spring without song...''

i am so yours

9 Mar

basically the only reason i still watch glee is so that i can from time to time spy the casual flirtation between brittney and santana. last night was basically all i needed to keep me going for another season (which can be quite painful at times).  i was watching the show with a bunch of straights who all commented afterwards that they just didn’t really buy santana as being with brittney or as a lesbian. which of course, was one of the themes of last night’s show: labels.

ugh. why not buy it? why fucking not? i was too tired and defensive to make any comments, so with my tail between my legs, i went home. but you know what? i buy it. and i love it. and i love how santana talked about how she is so angry because she has these feelings and she doesn’t know what to do with them. um…yeah. you know, thanks for saying that santana, because it is confusing. it’s confusing when you don’t fit into labels and ideas of what a lesbian is or how one should act. when you are just a cheerleader and trying to play an entirely different role, it’s even harder.

besides who wouldn’t love this woman? sheesh!

packages tied up with string

2 Mar

as a lesbian, i do love women. i also love being a woman. sometimes i am both attracted to a woman and also want to be her. it’s kind of an odd thing, i suppose. as far as i can tell, most straight couples don’t feel this way and many of my gay gal pals can relate, but some do not.  sometimes i get confused. like, am i attracted to her? or do i just want to copy her haircut? it’s a conundrum. one of these conundrums in wrapped up in a neat little package. her name is michelle williams.

i both want to be (as in look like) her and be with her.

and i have loved her for a long time. dawson’s creek people. and of course let’s take a moment to remember broke back mountain and now with blue valentine. so much goodness.

i think busy phillips might feel the same way, just sayin’

and just to indulge myself, here were my other faves from the oscars. not sure though if i want to wear their dresses or have those ladies take them off.

loved the dress

apparently i’m going through a blonde phase…or a narcissistic one.

but she was really my very favorite of the night. oh mila, such pretty…lace.