packages tied up with string

2 Mar

as a lesbian, i do love women. i also love being a woman. sometimes i am both attracted to a woman and also want to be her. it’s kind of an odd thing, i suppose. as far as i can tell, most straight couples don’t feel this way and many of my gay gal pals can relate, but some do not.  sometimes i get confused. like, am i attracted to her? or do i just want to copy her haircut? it’s a conundrum. one of these conundrums in wrapped up in a neat little package. her name is michelle williams.

i both want to be (as in look like) her and be with her.

and i have loved her for a long time. dawson’s creek people. and of course let’s take a moment to remember broke back mountain and now with blue valentine. so much goodness.

i think busy phillips might feel the same way, just sayin’

and just to indulge myself, here were my other faves from the oscars. not sure though if i want to wear their dresses or have those ladies take them off.

loved the dress

apparently i’m going through a blonde phase…or a narcissistic one.

but she was really my very favorite of the night. oh mila, such pretty…lace.

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