spring snow

27 Mar

that’s right, snow. in the spring. which made me want to be at the beach, but since that is just not possible, i decided the second best thing would be to combine my love of staying in my apartment, watching teen movies and sunshine which ultimately culminated in me netflixing blue crush. i repeat, blue crush. i saw this little flick when it first came out in the theater and i remember loving it then. i also remember crushing on those surfer girls. i did not, however, remember that michelle rodriguez was in the movie. why don’t i blog about her more often? love her. also it was before kate botsworth stopped eating. she look good yo!

see, told you. here’s an action shot, cause those are important.

michelle rodriguez looking super straight in her cut off jean shirt and angrily reminding her little blonde friend that she had a surf competition to think about, not some football player from the mainland!!!!!

she’s saying, pick me momma, just pick me. right, i know, i know m.r. is straight. kay. but the movie does have a real life surfer lesbian! yay! keala kennelly:

basically it was an awesome weekend and you should netflix this movie.


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