In some things the old-fashioned ways are best, after all

3 Apr

i’ve reached that “stage” in my life where about 98% of my friends are married or partnered and having kids. considering i’m about 10 years behind all my friends, i’m thinking by 40 i might have this whole thing figured out. don’t get me wrong, i’m not an unhappy single lady, but i had a weird moment on saturday when i wanted to go to target, but for some reason i didn’t want to go alone. this is unusual because i do most things happily on my own. so i contacted several people to do a little shopping, but everybody was busy and i have to admit i had this fleeting thought: “if i had a partner they would go with me.” this was stupid. mostly cause it’s not even true and also because i was using it somehow as an excuse to feel sorry for myself- so stupid. so i went to target and had a fucking good time on my own.

this old fashioned lady and her buick (chevy?) can wait while i figure some shit out on my own.


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