big girls

13 Apr

i’ve been thinking a lot about body image and how that effects sexuality. in some ways i think it does a whole lot because although i believe sexuality is mostly inherently biological i do also of course believe that our sexuality is massively based on our upbringing and to make it even more confusing it’s psychological. in other words we see ourselves how we believe others perceive us, even if it’s not realistic.

i’m a curvy gal. i like curves. i love hips and breasts, a bit of belly and ass. i do. i like when a lady is soft. i like to be soft. and it’s taken me a long time to get more comfortable with my body. am i happy with it? naw. but i’m learning to be nicer to my body. i’m learning to listen to it and god help me i’m learning to appreciate it! to celebrate curves here are some gorgeous women for your viewing pleasure.

that makes me happy

she’s not scared to look good in a bathing suit

yay! even big [READ: normal] girls like to pose in fake lesbian-like moments. hoorah!

images borrowed from here.

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