new beginnings

24 Apr

easter is really about candy and ham for me. but it is springtime and things are blooming and it all feels so…. fresh. it’s got me thinking.

do you ever have those moments where you realize you know nothing? just when you think you know. you don’t. and actually it’s not at all frustrating, it’s enlightening in it’s way. sort of like, oh…yeah. i’ve got a lot to do still. a lot to see. a lot to learn. and i should probably shut my face more often then not.

speaking of shutting faces- this lady Louis J. Marinelli worked for the national organization for marriage, which is essentially an anti-gay “organization” specifically targeting LGBT peeps who want to get married. anyway, she worked for them for 5 years and then had a come to baby jesus moment where she realized she was WRONG. that’s rights gays, she was wrong, she acknowledged it and apologized. she said she had a change of heart because during her time being a hater she met a lot of gays who were kind and apolitical, simply normal people wanting to get married.

huh. well there you go. sometimes we’re wrong and we have to say sorry. it’s a tough lesson. and even though sometimes that word feels meaningless, it’s not. it’s not at all.

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