Ye who have chosen to die, be welcome!

7 May

are you ready for some serious bad assery? well then, here you go…

and also:

you all know how i feel about cate blanchett, even when she’s a neurotic tooth brush sociopath- still love her and those prada shoes. but wee saoirse ronan is the one who stole the show. i went to this movie right on the heels of reading the hunger game series (judge if you must, but read em cause they’re teen riot grll that puts bella from twitlight to shame).

she’ll kill you, but only cause your a bad guy. i just love stories about girls and women who kick some ass, basically girl kick assery is my favorite genre.

p.s. chemical brothers! i totally forgot we used to party, good times revisiting and job well done with this flick!

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