it’s that time a year

2 Jun

that’s right, pride time! i like it so much cause it means summer is here. pretty excited cause roseanne barr is the grand marshall this year. i seriously grew up on her show. and i wanted to be and/or date darlene real bad. i know roseanne has done some crazy shit (like literally not a sane person), but she’s also been a gay and lesbian advocate, in her own special way. also she may be crass and unconventional but she altered t.v.- back in the day family sitcoms were all about happily married, clean cut kids struggling with whether or not to cheat on their math exam. roseanne talked about domestic violence, cheating, bankruptcy, etc. it was raw. it was funny. i’m excited to see her face tomorrow!

happy pride season ya’ll!


2 Responses to “it’s that time a year”

  1. douchetitty June 2, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    The show still holds up too. I’ve been re-watching of late on Netflix instant and it still seems amazing that it happened when it did as it did. It’s so well done and such a great portrayal of that particular slice of American life.
    Also, Darlene…I think there were many of us that shared that desire to either be her or be her girlfriend. I know I did.

    • barbie June 3, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

      netflixing roseanne!?!?! brilliant! i hadn’t even thought about doing this. btw- i’m totally bonding with you over your love of robyn. we can fight over her whenever you want.

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