summertime, yo!

21 Jun

well i just love the summertime here. i grew up in the desert, where the summer is the most dreaded and painful time of year. they hold their pride in april because by the time june comes around all the gays have fled to cooler climates. but here, it is lovely and exciting and welcomed after a long winter. also there is a ton of stuff to do. par example: lgbt film festivals! this little city hosts damn these heels film festival. this year they brought a great documentary, which i’ve been dying to see for quite some time. it’s a story about twins, who are both lesbians, singer/performers and one of new zealand’s most heartfelt national treasures.

a lovely and incredibly relatable tale about two hilarious and politically relevant sisters. “we’re singers, that happen to be funny.”

and then, to add to an already great weekend- guess who came to town y’all?


(a moment of silence or ecstatic arm pumping is allowed at this point).

you guys remember how much i’m in love with her right? kay. cause i am. and even though it was a mini concert, it was still awesome. aside from that one point in the evening where the sidewalk reached up, grabbed me and caused me to fall flat on my face and almost break my knee- aside from make things better:

happy first day of summer!


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